Our beautiful range of handcrafted candles are made in Britain and France. 

Both ranges work with Europe's, particularly France's, top perfume houses to develop their fragrances.

The limited edition art deco collection takes the best elements from around the world and combines them into beautiful and luxurious products. The wax they use in their candles (Ecoluxe wax) is a special blend of soy wax, bees wax and coconut wax. The soy wax is from the USA and is the creamiest and smoothest soy wax on the market. The bees wax is sourced from New Zealand - widely regarded as the purest in the world. The coconut wax ensures the candle continues to release its beautiful fragrance for many months - even when unlit.

The ranges incorporate recycled materials and natural renewable ingredients wherever possible. The packaging uses recycled foam, cardboard and glass. 

Our candles are the perfect piece to finish a room or to give as a gift.



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